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Hat Chao Samran Beach, Phetchaburi Thailand

Chao Samran beach is best beautiful beach in Phetchaburi province, Thailand. This popular beach is located at southeast of Thailand and is about 160 kms. from Bangkok. "Hat Chao Samran", which means "Beach of Royal Leisure" who King Rama IV ordered a seaside palace built at this exotic beach in 1918 and called it "Hat Chao Samran".
Koh larn, Thailand popular island
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Chao samran beach is one of Phetchaburi attractions and not far from Bangkok. The visitors always travel Hat Chao Samran in every weekend and short vacations. This white sandy beaches is a long quiet beachtions

Koh larn, Thailand popular island


You can reach Chao samran beach by Car, Bus and Train. Drive along Highway 4 or Phetchakasem Road to the Phetchaburi province.

MAP OF Chao samran Beach Phetchaburi

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